GRB steers content into France

AB Droits Audiovisuels in France has picked up a slate of factual, motoring and wildlife titles from US sales house GRB Entertainment for local distribution. AB Droits, known for importing US shows such as Friends into France, has taken programmes including Jet Truck, West Coast Customs and ABC’s The Wildlife Docs from GRB.

GRB sells factual content to AB Droits de France

Sobresale la venta de dos temporadas de World Desert Championship, formato producido por CBS Sports y que muestra algunas de as carreras de automóviles más impresionantes, enfrentando al hombre y las máquinas a algunos de los desiertos más duros e implacables en el mundo; Jet Truck, centrado en la vida del temerario Chris Darnell, y […]

Suburban Monsters Among GRB’s Latest Sales

GRB Entertainment has placed several factual, automotive and wildlife titles, including Suburban Monsters, in France and French-speaking territories through a deal with AB Droits Audiovisuels. In the automotive category, AB Droits Audiovisuels picked up two seasons of World Desert Championship, produced for CBS Sports. The series highlights notorious automotive races, pitting man and machine against […]

GRB Entertainment’s new deals

Content company GRB Entertainment has sold its factual, automotive and wildlife titles to AB Droits Audiovisuels for France and French-speaking territories. “GRB Entertainment is known for fast-paced, high-velocity programming which keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. We are pleased to share some of our top automotive and wildlife programming with AB Droits and […]

GRB Entertainment Closes Deals for Factual, Automotive and Wildlife titles with AB Droits Audiovisuels

GRB Entertainment announced a deal for France and French-speaking territories around the world with AB Droits Audiovisuels for multiple factual programs. AB Droits picked up two seasons of World Desert Championship, produced for CBS Sports, which showcases the most exhilarating, breath-taking and notorious automotive races ever conceived, pitting man and machine against some of the […]

MIPTV Spotlight: GRB Entertainment

Nelson Serrano: I’m Innocent, a top MIPTV title for GRB Entertainment, chronicles the case of a man convicted of murder despite an alleged lack of evidence. “True crime is a genre that is at an ultimate high in popularity and everyone is fascinated by real-life cases of wrongful conviction or beating the system,” says Michael […]