Ain’t That America

8 x 30 minutes / Produced for MTV2 Rapper and comedian Lil Duval, along with Girl Code’s Carly Aquilino, explores everyday America – from camping and Christmas to parenting and pets.  We’ll watch the most outrageous viral videos to hit the internet and proved just how crazy, dangerous, and downright stupid people can be.

Camp Stew

10 x 30 minutes / Produced for Sportsman Channel An exciting and hilarious new clip show, hosted by Penn Jillette, showcasing some of the craziest outdoor videos ever recorded!

Caught on Tape!

4 x 60 minutes No set-ups, just real life – its foibles, blunders, bungles and gaffs – all caught on tape in four hilarious one-hour specials catching people and animals in the most amazing situations – naughty nudes, wedding faux pas and pretentious pets are just a few of the many situations we’ve CAUGHT ON […]

Impact TV

Season 1: 39 x 30 minutes Season 2: 26 x 30 minutes Welcome to Impact TV, a half hour variety magazine that offers remarkable and fascinating stories from around the globe.  Each episode will awaken a viewer’s world with stories tnat enlighten, enrage, amuse and astound.  From the wack and zany… to thrill seeking action […]

Loose Screws

6 x 30 minutes / Produced for Discovery A zany clip series highlighting backyard geniuses and garage warriors who make wacky inventions at home that are completely insane. Hilarious and inspirational segments from the helpful and groundbreaking to the pointless and zany include homemade cannons that launch beer cans and bowling balls, a port-o-potty rocket […]

Now See This

Season 1: 30 x 30 minutes Season 2: 22 x 30 minutes Think you’ve seen it all? NOW SEE THIS – GRB’s hard-hitting, fast-driving, wildy popular reality series includes 52 exciting half hours of the most amazing stories that have ever been caught on tape in easily formatted segments. See the stories…see the footage…NOW SEE […]

Outdoor Outtakes

13 x 30 minutes Whether it’s hunting, fishing, camping, boating, parties, barbecues, or any other recreational activity, OUTDOOR OUTTAKES has searched the planet for the most hilarious hi-jinx, belly slapping bloopers and outdoor mishaps, and put them all together for your entertainment.

That News Show

26 x 30 minutes Leprechauns on the loose? Cheese wheel-chasing zealots? That’s so bizarre it must be true – and you can bet a news crew caught it on camera. That News Show is the irreverent series that culls the most peculiar human interest news items from all over the world and makes sense of […]

Whacked Out Sports

66 x 30 minutes / Produced for Spike This brand new clip show features hysterical professional and amateur sports mishaps, crashes, and bloopers from all around the world. With the scariest stunts and most over-the-top crashes you’ve ever seen, you’ll be shocked that these athletes survived their most embarrassing moments.