Babies Behind Bars

1 x 90 minutes / Produced for CNN Follow the lives of female inmates at Washington Corrections Center in a remarkable program allowing them to raise their babies while they serve time. We follow Kristie Ebey, a newly incarcerated mother, as she fights to get into the program and Margaret Taggert who is just leaving […]

Black and Blue

1 x 60 minutes / Produced for CNN The shocking real-life stories of young black men facing persistent racial profiling and police brutality — and the black officers in their neighborhood just trying to do their job.

Cellblock 6: Female Lockup

6 x 60 minutes / Produced for TLC From drug arrests to murder convictions, Cellblock 6 Female Lockup offers an intense, behind-the-scenes look into the lives of women in Cincinnati’s Hamilton County Justice Center.  With only one officer to 56 inmates, many of the women are ruthless and violent, starting fights in what has been […]

Chain Gang: Maricopa County

1 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery One month, three chains, fifteen men – you thought it was ancient history, but it’s back. The ultimate punishment, the ultimate challenge, and sometimes the ultimate opportunity. Welcome to the Chain Gang. It’s the brainchild of popular and eccentric Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a man who is […]

County Jail

3 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery Cook County Jail takes you deep inside some of the toughest jails in America. It’s a world where guilt and innocence hang in the balance – breeding tension, desperation, and the never-ending threat of violence.


7 x 60 minutes / Produced for TV One Hear true stories of men and women who have been deceived by someone they trusted.  Using a combination of interviews and re-creations, each episode is a riveting narrative of abused trust and final justice.


6 x 60 minutes / Produced for Reelz Uncover the truth behind heinous crimes committed against celebrities. Find out why the criminals picked their targets, how they did it, and how they got away with it. From kidnapping to embezzlement, explore all the evidence in these shocking cases. Not even the bright lights of Hollywood […]

FBI Takedowns

6 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery Networks Elite teams of FBI agents are on a mission to hunt down the world’s most wanted criminals.  With exclusive access to some of the FBI’s most notorious cases and the agents who led the charge, FBI Takedowns immerses viewers in the most adrenaline-fueled manhunts, takedowns, and […]

FBI: Criminal Pursuit

Season 1: 13 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery ID Season 2: 13 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery ID Season 3: 10 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery ID Follow detectives in the world’s leading law enforcement agency as they risk their lives to crack the toughest, most compelling cases in […]

Find Our Missing

Season 1: 10 x 60 minutes / Produced for TV One Season 2: 10 x 60 minutes / Produced for TV One FIND OUR MISSING puts names and faces to people who have disappeared without a trace. Each episode features a dramatic and emotional tale that places the viewer within the life of the missing […]

Flipped: A Mobster Tells All

2 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery Flipped: A Mobster Tells All takes viewers inside the lives of the country’s most ruthless gangsters who testified against their friends and “families” in an effort to escape life in prison – or certain death. In each hour-long episode, we’ll meet one former mobster – living in […]

For My Man

Season 1: 12 x 60 minutes / Produced for TV One Season 2: 17 x 60 minutes / Produced for TV One Season 3: 17 x 60 minutes / Produced for TV One Witness shocking stories of women who have committed crimes in the name of love. From a killing spree across several states to […]

For My Woman

6 x 60 minutes / Produced for TV One Experience scandalous stories of men who have been arrested for a crime they did in the name of loyalty. From multi-state killing spree, to a mortuary that becomes a house of horrors, these people have no limits as to how far they’ll go for the women […]

Fugitivos de la Ley

Season 1: 26 x 60 minutes / Produced for NBC Universo Season 2: 24 x 60 minutes / Produced for NBC Universo Follow a team of real-life bail and fugitive recovery agents as they track down the roughest criminals on the run. From drug dealers to car thieves to murderers, they’ve run into the worst. […]

Gang World

2 x 60 minutes Gang World is a two-hour adrenalized documentary special that takes an unflinching and raw look at the origns and evolution of the most violent and dangerous gangs in the US: Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13 as it is widely known, and the motorcycle gangs Hell’s Angels and their deadly rivals, the Mongol […]

Gothic Killers

3 x 60 minutes Hiding in the shadows of major cities and rural communities across America are groups of people seeking power, thrills and acceptance through worshipping the devil. These are true stories of how people involved in occults use devil worship and its rituals to intimidate enemies, satisfy twisted desires and justify heinous, bloody […]

Hardcover Mysteries

8 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery ID In this exciting new series, some of the best crime writers tell the stories of real-life cases that have captured their imagination, inspiring them to write riveting novels.  As the series unfolds, each writer will take their legions of loyal fans through the twists and turns […]

Highway Pirates

1 x 60 minutes Highway Pirates reveals the massive criminal empire of dangerous desperados who terrorize more than 40,000 trucks a year, and law enforcement’s struggle as they attempt to snuff out this banditry. Take a look at the crime phenomenon of the new millennium – rogue bandits who give new meaning to “stand and […]

Hostage: Do or Die

6 x 60 minutes / Producer for Discovery ID Hostage: Do or Die tackles the most extreme, frightening circumstances involving merciless criminals taking innocent victims hostage at the height of their elaborate crimes. For the first time, the hostages and negotiators who survived nearly fatal ordeals recount the horrifying moments that scarred their lives forever. […]

Inside American Hate

4 x 60 minutes / Produced for National Geographic Explore the dark side of the most dangerous and notorious American organizations founded on hate and racism. Each hour-long documentary reports in-depth on the most notorious of the groups. AMERICAN NAZIS explores the National Socialist Movement, the largest Nazi organization in the U.S. today, focusing on […]

It Happened Here

10 x 60 minutes / Produced for Reelz Visit seemingly ordinary places that are connected to some of the most graphic and controversial events in pop culture history – the murders, drug overdoses, attempted suicides, and accidental deaths of icons like Marilyn Monroe, Biggie and Tupac, Marvin Gaye, and Joan Rivers. Following in the celebrity’s […]

J.F.K.: The Ruby Connection

1 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery The killing of Lee Harvey Oswald is one of the most documented murders in history and it was even unintentionally broadcast live on television. It was two days after President Kennedy was assassinated in Dealey Plaza, and the press had descended on Dallas to witness what should […]

Judge Jenkins

147 x 30 minutes A court show for a new generation, Judge Jenkins takes viewers into the real life hearings of some of the most intriguing and unusual cases ever brought to TV.  Presiding over the court is Judge Faith Jenkins, a no-nonsense leader who isn’t afraid to say exactly what’s on her mind.  This […]

Justice By Any Means

Season 1: 15 x 60 minutes / Produced for TV One Season 2: 14 x 60 minutes / Produced for TV One This gripping, investigative series plunges viewers into amazing true stories of brave men and women who suffered a real-life unimaginable loss. They’ll go toe-to-toe with the bad guys and overcome incredible odds to […]

Killer Kids

8 x 60 minutes What can possibly motivate kids to commit violent, gruesome criminal acts and even murder? Who is responsible? Parents? Movies? Video Games? Genetics? From hate crimes to gang initiations, murders of family members to occult ceremonies, each case in the series exposes different motives and methods of murders by children. Join investigators […]


8 x 60 minutes / Produced for TV One Social media takes a deadly turn in this investigative true crime series. This series follows cases that take root online and spill tragically into real life, exploring what happens when victims’ seemingly harmless social media profiles turn deadly.


1 x 60 minutes The dramatic pursuit of the world’s most dangerous and notorious criminals. They were fugitives from the law whose heinous crimes launched an army of international investigators: serial killer and nightstalker Richard Ramirez, Versace murderer and spree killer Andrew Cunanan, and the American heiress turned revolutionary Patty Hearst.


1 x 90 minutes Death row inmate Nelson Serrano was kidnapped from his home country of Ecuador by a Florida state attorney and convicted of murdering 4 people in Florida without any evidence. Now, he sits on death row as his family and lawyers seek to have DNA evidence and eye witness testimony prove his […]

Occult Crimes

Season 1: 10 x 60 minutes / Produced for Canal D Season 2: 10 x 60 minutes / Produced for Canal D Look inside the devilish minds of some of the most unpredictable and dangerous killers in history. Taking their orders from the devil, these real life demons are determined to gain immortality by committing […]

On the Case

Seasons 1-4: 66 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery ID Season 5: 32 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery ID Season 6: 32 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery ID Season 7: 32 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery ID Season 8: 32 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery ID […]

One Bad Choice

9 x 60 minutes / Produced for MTV In this new crime series, meet young people who each made one single, terrible decision that irrevocably changed their lives forever – from a high school student who took drugs and whose best friend suffered dire consequences, to a teenager who became unwittingly involved in a robbery that […]

Police Women of Broward County

12 x 60 minutes / Produced for TLC POLICE WOMEN OF BROWARD COUNTY follows four female member of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. We’ll follow these women at their jobs as law enforcement officials and at home with their families. These fearless women will encounter intense cop drama and action as they patrol […]

Police Women of Cincinnati

8 x 60 minutes / Produced for TLC The latest installment of the hit Police Women franchise moves to Cincinnati, Ohio – The Queen City – to follow four highly respected female officers with the Cincinnati Police Department. These fearless women will encounter intense cop drama as they patrol some of the most dangerous neighborhoods […]

Police Women of Dallas

13 x 60 minutes / Produced for OWN Police Women: Dallas follows the lives of four extraordinary women – three police officers and a detective – at the Dallas Police Department as they provide a first–person account of their intensely demanding, sometimes funny, and often dangerous lives as officers of the law in one of […]

Rangers – Cops in the Woods

1 x 60 minutes The first television special to focus on the incredible challenges of crime fighters in the vast untamed wilderness. Rangers is the story of courageous men and women who engage in life and death rescues, struggle with awesome disasters and bizarre crimes in the most beautiful settings on earth.


1 x 60 minutes The stories of four of the world’s greatest detectives pursuing the globe’s most infamous criminals, from the Chicago cop who caught notorious serial killer JOHN WAYNE GACY, to the FBI agent who captured JOHN WALKER, the master spy who sold secrets to Russia.

The Bureau

13 x 60 minutes A ground-breaking true-crime documentary series that, for the first time, takes viewers inside the most powerful cases of the FBI. Follow agents, analysts and profilers as they investigate their toughest, most compelling cases and see how one of the leading law enforcement agencies in the world has redefined the way crimes […]

Six Degrees of Helter Skelter

1 x 120 minutes Walk in the footsteps of the Manson Family, visiting over 40 locations related to the infamous Tate/LaBianca murders, and tie together the dozens of odd connections between Charles Manson and the Hollywood elite.

The Stalker Files

10 x 60 minutes / Produced for Reelz Hear the chilling stories behind celebrity stalking cases involving Gwyneth Paltrow, Steven Spielberg, Madonna, and more. Each episode features two seemingly separate timelines building to a climax of fear and shock as the case is presented through expert interviews, recreations, and case files.

Thou Shalt Not

10 x 60 minutes / Produced for TV One Pull back the curtain on individuals who commit the gravest of sins – breaking the Ten Commandments. Murders, scandals, cover-ups, and deadly affairs are just a few of the crimes featured in each episode. These sinners don’t just break the laws of man…they break the laws […]

True Grime

3 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery ID Neal Smither is the owner of Crime Scene Cleaners, a company that specializes in the cleanup of homicides, suicides, accidental deaths, and anything else too gruesome for normal people to touch. In each episode, Neal and his three cleaners are under the gun as they rush […]

Unleashed: K9 Broward County

6 x 30 minutes / Produced for TLC UNLEASHED: K-9 BROWARD COUNTY is a candid look into the dangerous, yet surprisingly funny world of a K-9 unit – from foot chases and guns to bathroom breaks and dog food runs. Each episode follows Deputy Jerry Wengert, his loyal canine Bali, and partner Detective Geoff Brown […]

Until Proven Innocent: The Hannah Overton Story

1 x 120 minutes / Produced for Discovery ID When a four-year-old from Texas named Andrew Burd died mysteriously of salt poisoning, his foster mother, Hannah Overton, was charged with capital murder and sent to prison for life. But was this churchgoing young woman a vicious child killer? Or had the tragedy claimed its second […]

US Marshals: Operation Falcon

2 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery On any day in the United States, there are more than a million felons on the run. In a massive sting code named Operation Falcon, the Marshals round up as many murderers, gang members, drug dealers and sex offenders as they can. From the beaches of Miami […]

Wicked Attraction

Season 1: 13 x 60 minutes / Produced for DISCOVERY ID Season 2: 13 x 60 minutes / Produced for DISCOVERY ID Season 3: 13 x 60 minutes / Produced for DISCOVERY ID Season 4: 14 x 60 minutes / Produced for DISCOVERY ID Season 5: 13 x 60 minutes / Produced for DISCOVERY ID […]

Twisted Tales of My 9 to 5

3 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery ID No job is perfect – outlandish tasks are just part of the game – but when a boss’s requests go from demanding to bizarre, and office gossip blows up in an inter-employee feud, the usual 9 to 5 becomes a torrid, twisted tale!