Anatomy of Disaster

Season 1: 7 x 60 Season 2: 6 x 60 An exhilarating journey into the frightening world of natural disasters where ordinary people tell their extraordinary stories of tragedy, survival and heroism. Specials include: VOLCANO, HURRICANE FORCE, RAGING RIVERS, FEROCIOUS OCEANS, CRASHING CONTINENTS and SUPER FIRES.

Disaster Detectives

4 x 60 minutes Avalanches, floods, forest fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes:  Here are the world’s most devastating and cataclysmic events, as seen through the eyes of those who’ve seen it all, and survived; and broken down according to the elemental ways in which the earth acts up!

Expeditions to the Edge

13 x 60 minutes A dramatic adventure series that showcases incredible expeditions where something went terribly wrong It depicts and examines the decision-making processes each explorer had to initiate, and the unbelievable acts of heroism performed in order to survive. These expeditions set records, caused controversy, and changed lives.

Full Force Nature

Season 1: 12 x 30 minutes / Produced for The Weather Channel (SD) Season 2: 12 x 30 minutes / Produced for The Weather Channel (HD) Over the past year we have seen the results of the power of nature and how it has changed not only the face of the earth, but the lives […]

High Seas Rescue

3 x 60 minutes The true terrifying of experiences of those who fall prey to the wrath of the sea. Viewers will witness the gripping stories of men and women challenged by nature’s enormous wrath. Encounter first-hand the vicious nature of the ocean as it flexes its muscles and threatens the lives of those who […]

Hurricane Hunters

Season 1: 6 x 30 minutes / Produced for The Weather Channel Season 2: 9 x 30 minutes / Produced for The Weather Channel The Department of Defense’s 53rd weather reconnaissance squadron, known as the Hurricane Hunters, is the only organization still flying directly into the eyes of hurricanes and tropical storms. These Air Force […]


15 x 30 minutes Experience the fury of fire as courageous men and women fight raging blazes that ravage neighborhoods, skyscrapers and precious wildlands. Share the dramatic stories of victims and heroes whose lives are brought together to battle the ferocious and powerful ever-changing face of fire.

Stay Alive

10 x 60 minutes Will you know what to do when disaster strikes? In STAY ALIVE, we recount the horrific tales of the ill-fated who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Plane crashes and train wrecks – some people survive, but how? From travelers kidnapped by terrorists to vacationers caught in a […]

Storm Warning!

Season 1: 15 x 30 minutes Season 2: 13 x 60 minutes Season 3: 13 x 60 minutes Season 4: 13 x 60 minutes Assembled from the most devastating footage of natural phenomena ever filmed, this series plunges viewers into the ruins caused by the power of towering waves, blinding blizzards, and heart-stopping hurricanes. Personal […]

Tornado Hunters

1 x 60 minutes TORNADO HUNTERS is a harrowing journey through Tornado Alley where the weather conditions annually cause over 1,000 of the world’s strongest and most dangerous tornados. Homeowners capture amazing and terrifying live up-close footage of encounters with tornados, providing gritty and horrific narration of the gripping moments before impact.

What Went Wrong?

Season 1: 18 x 30 minutes Season 2: 26 x 30 minutes In this highly rated series, the compelling stories behind the world’s most stunning man-made disasters are revealed, using dramatic eyewitness footage. From air crashes to military mistakes to unexpected mishaps and engineering miscalculation, viewers are able to examine exactly WHAT WENT WRONG.

When Fun Turns to Fear

3 x 60 minutes This incredible series examines family adventures, fun-filled holidays and outings with friends that take deadly turns and explore how everyday people find the strength to become heroes. Each hour will have audiences on the edge of their seats with riveting true tales.

Without Warning

5 x 60 minutes WITHOUT WARNING provides five spellbinding, totally new glimpses of heroic people in real emotional drama: powerful video of world acclaimed experts who risk their lives in some of man’s most notorious domains of disaster including explosions, plane crashes and collapsed buildings.