Cannonball Run

Six mismatched teams of three people travel back roads in tricked-out vehicles using any means available to sabotage their rivals and get to the finish line with the quickest time in a cross-country dash for cash. Each episode tracks the teams as they compete in challenges between two major checkpoints on their route.

Eat Your Words

In the age of social media, everybody’s a food critic, boasting that they are able to cook a better dish than a highly trained chef at the restaurant where they just ate. On EAT YOUR WORDS, these harsh critics are challenged to cook the dishes that they badly reviewed and serve them to an intimate […]

Next Action Star

The country-wide search for America’s next exciting male and female action stars has begun! The winners, chosen through competition and voting, star in BET YOUR LIFE, an action film starring Billy Zane. Produced for NBC.

Pregnant and Dating

PREGNANT & DATING profiles the lives of five successful women who are single, pregnant and still looking for love. The show follows this particular moment in their lives as they juggle demanding careers and pregnancy all while exploring relationships and dating. Produced for WEtv.

The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom

They cook, clean, drop off the kids at practice and tuck them in at night. They are the beloved soccer moms who gave up their careers to take care of their families. But with their husbands at work and their kids at school, what would these moms do if they were given the chance to […]

Untold Stories of the ER

These intense real stories demonstrate the true dramatic nature of medicine practiced under pressure, where every moment can be a turning point. See how a doctor’s personal blend of expertise, coolness under fire, and decision-making ability are challenged by unpredictable circumstances – and how character makes the ultimate difference. Produced for TLC.