Alter Eco

13 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery’s Planet Green ALTER ECO is an eco lifestyle and make-over series presented by Adrian Grenier of HBO’s Entourage, and his team of green activists, experts and friends, including eco lifestyle trendsetter and Victoria Secret supermodel Angela Lindvall, eco contractor Darren Moore, and green guru Boise Thomas. Through […]

Bar Hunters

6 x 30 minutes / Produced for Destination America Bar Hunters features a wide variety of characters hoping to realize their dreams of being bar owners. Each episode takes us to a new city with a new group of hopefuls searching for the prime spot to open their business. And because each buyer has different […]

Designer to the Stars

8 x 30 minutes / Produced for WE In this fun, hip series, celebrity designer Kari Whitman proves that a single girl can have it all.  She juggles her manic personal life and manages her successful interior design firm, catering to the whims of Hollywood’s hottest stars – Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four, Sin City), Academy Award® […]

King of Thrones

6 x 60 minutes / Produced for Destination America The average American spends as much time in the bathroom each year as they do on vacation – 14 days! So why not make the washroom a welcoming oasis while taking care of “business”? KING OF THRONES is transforming boring, old and downright disgusting bathrooms into […]

My First Home

Season 1: 12 x 30 SD / Produced for TLC Season 2: 12 x 30 HD / Produced for TLC Season 3: 20 x 30 HD / Produced for TLC Season 4: 20 x 30 HD / Produced for TLC Season 5: 20 x 30 HD / Produced for TLC Season 6: 20 x 30 […]

Secret Guide to Fabulous

Available for Worldwide distribution excluding USA Season 1: 6 x 30 minutes / Produced for Logo Season 2: 8 x 30 minutes / Produced for Logo Unlock the mysteries to making your life better!  From whipping up  a last minute gourmet meal to refining your personal style, from picking the perfect gift to managing life […]

Super Fan Builds

11 x 30 minutes / Produced for Go90 Hollywood’s top prop makers build one-of-a-kind items for super-fans of comic books, video games and movies. Whether you’re a fan of classic films like “Back To the Future” or a Minecraft obsessed gamer, you’ll be blown away by these creations!

Super Swank

8 x 60 minutes / Produced for Travel Channel Super Swank is the show that grants access to the best of the best in the world of luxury lifestyles. From luxury cars to yachts, spas to hotels, vacation homes to beach resorts, log cabins to Las Vegas, Super Swank opens doors normally closed to all […]

Top Travel

Seasons 1-2: 26 x 30 minutes Seasons 3-4: 26 x 30 minutes Your luxurious launch-pad to the international leisure world. Each episode explores a unique theme from Top Hotels to Top Spas. Discover the ultimate in travel and entertainment from scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef to gondola rides in Venice.

Wives with Beehives

1 x 60 minutes / Produced for TLC What if you could go back in time and live in your ideal decade? A group of young women have chosen to live every day of their lives as if they’re back in the 1950s. Meet the “Wives With Beehives” – women who have chosen to run […]