Ain’t That America

8 x 30 minutes / Produced for MTV2 Rapper and comedian Lil Duval, along with Girl Code’s Carly Aquilino, explores everyday America – from camping and Christmas to parenting and pets.  We’ll watch the most outrageous viral videos to hit the internet and proved just how crazy, dangerous, and downright stupid people can be.

Arabia Motors

13 x 30 minutes / Year of Production 2016 Where the Arabian riches and over-the-top lavish lifestyles meets car fanatics. The partners of the most popular car magazine in the Middle East test drive and profile every car in the region – from luxury collectibles to classics to the most expensive cars ever made.

Babies Behind Bars

1 x 90 minutes / Produced for CNN Follow the lives of female inmates at Washington Corrections Center in a remarkable program allowing them to raise their babies while they serve time. We follow Kristie Ebey, a newly incarcerated mother, as she fights to get into the program and Margaret Taggert who is just leaving […]

Bad Night

1 x 120 minutes When students Kate (Lauren Luthringshausen) and Abby (Jenn McAllister) decide to have a little adventure during their school field trip, they expect to have the time of their lives. They have never been more right. After getting into the wrong car, they are mistaken for famous art thieves and their fun […]

Black and Blue

1 x 60 minutes / Produced for CNN The shocking real-life stories of young black men facing persistent racial profiling and police brutality — and the black officers in their neighborhood just trying to do their job.

Black in America

3 x 60 minutes / Produced for CNN 5 x 120 minutes / Produced for CNN A collection of 8 documentaries including: 3 x 60 • Who Is Black In America: Soledad O’Brien explores interpretations of race and identity for African Americans. • Promised Land/Silicon Valley: Follow the lives of eight strangers living together in […]


Season 1: 5 x 30 minutes / Produced for Universal Channel Season 2: 13 x 30 minutes / Produced for Universal Channel Season 3: 13 x 30 minutes / Produced for Universal Channel The masters of special effects can make just about anything happen. In each episode the team will produce a short action film with […]

Cleveland Hustles

8 x 60 minutes / Produced for CNBC LeBron James and longtime friend and business partner Maverick Carter give four aspiring local entrepreneurs the chance to realize their dreams while also helping to revitalize neighborhoods in their hometown of Cleveland.

Close Up with the Hollywood Reporter

14 x 60 minutes / Produced for Sundance TV CLOSE UP WITH THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER features roundtable interviews with the hottest A-list stars, directors, writers, animators, showrunners, and songwriters from the year’s most acclaimed films and television series. Guests discuss everything from their individual projects, their crafts, and true stories of the business that keep […]


1 x 120 minutes Follow the lives of three mortal men and one woman who make their living working as superhero characters on the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard. This deeply personal view into the daily routines of these characters reveals their hardships, and triumphs, as they pursue and achieve their own kind of fame.

Crunch Time

Season 1: 6 x 30 minutes / Produced for Rooster Teeth Season 2: 8 x 30 minutes / Produced for Rooster Teeth In a highly classified location, four brilliant, obnoxious grad students are interrogated by government operatives. Why? Because the world is about to end and it’s all their fault. After using reckless “cutting-edge” science […]

Day 5

Season 1: 6 x 60 minutes / Produced for Rooster Teeth Season 2: 8 x 60 minutes / Produced for Rooster Teeth Set in the immediate aftermath of a fatal sleep epidemic, Jake ventures out into the abandoned streets unaware that most of the world has died in their beds. Battling sleepless fatigue and delirium, […]

Enchufe Sin Visa: An Undocumented Comedy

1 x 90 minutes This comedy from YouTube’s EnchufeTV (over 13 million subscribers) follows six Latinos traveling to the USA for the first time. They will deal with awkward social situations, language barriers and awful food — all while on the run from immigration officers. How far will they go to make this the trip […]


6 x 60 minutes / Produced for Reelz Uncover the truth behind heinous crimes committed against celebrities. Find out why the criminals picked their targets, how they did it, and how they got away with it. From kidnapping to embezzlement, explore all the evidence in these shocking cases. Not even the bright lights of Hollywood […]

FBI Takedowns

6 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery Networks Elite teams of FBI agents are on a mission to hunt down the world’s most wanted criminals.  With exclusive access to some of the FBI’s most notorious cases and the agents who led the charge, FBI Takedowns immerses viewers in the most adrenaline-fueled manhunts, takedowns, and […]

Follow the Rules

12 x 30 minutes / Produced for Viacom Follow Grammy-nominated rapper turned actor, Ja Rule, and the hectic household that he and his wife Aisha are trying to keep under control. With their two sons, their daughter, and Ja’s mother and mother-in-law living under one roof, the house that Rule built is anything but quiet.

Fugitivos de la Ley

Season 1: 26 x 60 minutes / Produced for NBC Universo Season 2: 24 x 60 minutes / Produced for NBC Universo Follow a team of real-life bail and fugitive recovery agents as they track down the roughest criminals on the run. From drug dealers to car thieves to murderers, they’ve run into the worst. […]

Hayden Quinn

13 x 30 minutes / Produced for SABC Adventurer, celebrity cook and Masterchef Australia contestant Hayden Quinn departs his Australian home for an extraordinary culinary adventure through South Africa. Watch as he learns the culture, meets locals, and cooks the best local and sustainable cuisine South Africa has to offer.

Latino in America

2 x 120 minutes / Produced for CNN 2 x 60 minutes / Produced for CNN A collection of 4 documentaries including: 2 x 120 • Chasing the Dream: Follow the lives of three Latinos chasing the American dream with mixed results. • The Garcias: One of the most common American surnames is Garcia. Take a look […]

Man At Arms: Art of War

8 x 60 minutes / Year of Production 2017 Weapons and armor have played a starring role in pop culture, from movies to video games to comics to TV shows. In each episode of MAN AT ARMS, a team of expert craftsmen skillfully reproduce famed weapons from scratch. Using both the tools that would have […]


1 x 90 minutes Death row inmate Nelson Serrano was kidnapped from his home country of Ecuador by a Florida state attorney and convicted of murdering 4 people in Florida without any evidence. Now, he sits on death row as his family and lawyers seek to have DNA evidence and eye witness testimony prove his […]

Occult Crimes

10 x 60 minutes / Produced for Canal D Look inside the devilish minds of some of the most unpredictable and dangerous killers in history. Taking their orders from the devil, these real life demons are determined to gain immortality by committing heinous murders.

Olympusat Original Movies

11 original action-packed movies: • El Americano: A special forces team hired by the United States government to apprehend fugitives is ambushed by a team of Mexican mercenaries. • El Cartel: A hopeless romantic seems to dig his own grave when he betrays his boss, the leader of a powerful crime ring. • La Revancha: […]

Showdown of the Unbeatables

9 x 60 minutes / Produced for National Geographic Inventors and entrepreneurs pit their unique products and machines against each other and put their reputations to the test in the ultimate head-to-head invention battle. Learn how the inventions work, meet the engineers who created the products, and see these tools in action. When the dueling […]

Super Fan Builds

11 x 30 minutes / Produced for Go90 Hollywood’s top prop makers build one-of-a-kind items for super-fans of comic books, video games and movies. Whether you’re a fan of classic films like “Back To the Future” or a Minecraft obsessed gamer, you’ll be blown away by these creations!

Until Proven Innocent: The Hannah Overton Story

1 x 120 minutes / Produced for Discovery ID When a four-year-old from Texas named Andrew Burd died mysteriously of salt poisoning, his foster mother, Hannah Overton, was charged with capital murder and sent to prison for life. But was this churchgoing young woman a vicious child killer? Or had the tragedy claimed its second […]

Untold Stories of the ER Specials

12 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery Life 12 themed specials from the long running Untold Stories of the ER series: Baby 911: A woman gives birth in the passenger seat of her car, while her husband is unconscious. Celebration Stoppers: A middle aged man suffers from septic shock on his anniversary. Party Fail: A bride […]

Walt: The Man Behind the Myth

1 x 120 minutes / Produced for ABC Few men have had as great an impact on American popular culture as Walt Disney. Presented by Diane Disney Miller, Walt’s daughter, and narrated by Dick Van Dyke, this is the official biography of Disney and how he created his entertainment empire. Containing over 50 interviews with […]