Alpha Male

1 x 60 minutes A provocative hour crammed with real life stories and compelling theories that may explain the behavior of your boss, husband, best friend – maybe even you. ALPHA MALE shows you how prehistoric survival instinct behavior still drives modern man, creating havoc in the work place and in their relationships.

Anatomy of Disaster

Season 1: 7 x 60 Season 2: 6 x 60 An exhilarating journey into the frightening world of natural disasters where ordinary people tell their extraordinary stories of tragedy, survival and heroism. Specials include: VOLCANO, HURRICANE FORCE, RAGING RIVERS, FEROCIOUS OCEANS, CRASHING CONTINENTS and SUPER FIRES.


3 x 60 minutes A compelling new series that proves the laws of physics were made to be challenged. Each hour looks beyond the showmanship to uncover the world of incredible highs and bone-crushing lows for the men and women who push the envelope further and further in their commitment to defy danger.  Daredevils introduces […]

Extreme Contact

13 x 30 minutes This reality animal encounter series takes viewers underwater, to one of the last places in North America where dangerous and predatory animals still rule! Directed and written like a fast-moving dramatic adventure series, EXTREME CONTACT sets out to explore just how close man can get to the wildest and most ferocious […]

Full Force Nature

Season 1: 12 x 30 minutes / Produced for The Weather Channel (SD) Season 2: 12 x 30 minutes / Produced for The Weather Channel (HD) Over the past year we have seen the results of the power of nature and how it has changed not only the face of the earth, but the lives […]

High Seas Rescue

3 x 60 minutes The true terrifying of experiences of those who fall prey to the wrath of the sea. Viewers will witness the gripping stories of men and women challenged by nature’s enormous wrath. Encounter first-hand the vicious nature of the ocean as it flexes its muscles and threatens the lives of those who […]

How Stuff Works

7 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery Learn about the stuff that makes the world go ‘round.  See the ingenious lengths people go to in order to turn fundamental elements into the varied products we know and love so much.  Each episode goes in depth into the history of a product, from creation to […]

Hurricane Hunters

Season 1: 6 x 30 minutes / Produced for The Weather Channel Season 2: 9 x 30 minutes / Produced for The Weather Channel The Department of Defense’s 53rd weather reconnaissance squadron, known as the Hurricane Hunters, is the only organization still flying directly into the eyes of hurricanes and tropical storms.  These Air Force […]

Incredible Frontiers

3 x 60 minutes Explore new science frontiers in three exciting specials: MICRO INVADERS reveals our life and death struggle with viruses and ravenous bacteria, EXTREME DIVING uncovers underwater adventures, and CRASH TEST explores a deadly killer, the automobile.

Is It Possible?

3 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery IS IT POSSIBLE takes a probing look into the most amazing new scientific discoveries, human interest stories, technological advancements and human achievements from all over the world. Each one-hour episode reveals amazing and visually stunning images of unbelievable accomplishments that will awe, mystify and captivate viewers. This […]


3 x 60 minutes An earth-shaking documentary min-series that takes you inside the fascinating world of explosions, KABOOM! blows the lid off the destructive force of explosions, utilizing cutting edge scientific research and mind-blowing footage. Discover what takes place when things go KABOOM!

Loose Screws

6 x 30 minutes / Produced for Discovery A zany clip series highlighting backyard geniuses and garage warriors who make wacky inventions at home that are completely insane. Hilarious and inspirational segments from the helpful and groundbreaking to the pointless and zany include homemade cannons that launch beer cans and bowling balls, a port-o-potty rocket […]

Storm Warning!

Season 1: 15 x 30 minutes Season 2: 13 x 60 minutes Season 3: 13 x 60 minutes Season 4: 13 x 60 minutes Assembled from the most devastating footage of natural phenomena ever filmed, this series plunges viewers into the ruins caused by the power of towering waves, blinding blizzards, and heart-stopping hurricanes. Personal […]

The Gizmo Show

1 x 60 minutes A mind bending show that takes apart the gadgets and explores the playthings of genius inventors and quack creators alike. Travel the world with our host as he takes you behind the scenes into the centers of gizmo magic and creativity to discover what technological breakthroughs and flights of fancy led […]

Tornado Hunters

1 x 60 minutes TORNADO HUNTERS is a harrowing journey through Tornado Alley where the weather conditions annually cause over 1,000 of the world’s strongest and most dangerous tornados. Homeowners capture amazing and terrifying live up-close footage of encounters with tornados, providing gritty and horrific narration of the gripping moments before impact.

Ultimate Special Effects

3 x 60 minutes Each special will look at the pillars of movie-making – physical effects, cinematography, models and miniatures, sound design and digital effects – taking us behind the scenes of the latest box office hits like The Haunting, James Bond’s The World is Not Enough, The Matrix, Jackie Chan’s Rush Hour, The Blair […]