All Eyes on Brazil

1 X 120 minutes The 2014 FIFA World Cup took the entire globe by storm. This unique film documents one of the greatest sports events of all time in a nation that lives, eats, and breathes football. See how The World Cup dramatically affected cities all around Brazil and relive the historic event.


2 x 60 minutes An adventure race that takes you on a ten day journey through 500 miles of Brazilian wilderness, with only maps and a compass for guidance, Follow these brave individuals as they push themselves beyond the limits of physical and emotional endurance.

Deion’s Family Playbook

Season 1: 16 x 60 minutes / Produced for OWN Season 2: 6 x 60 minutes / Produced for OWN The fun-filled and compelling real-life story of a celebrated sports legend Deion Sanders.  He’s a single father raising five kids on his own, while also helping raise five other children who live with him.  Additionally, […]

Descent into the Black Hole

1 x 60 minutes Mexico’s Las Golindrinas is one of the world’s largest subterranean caves, with a vertical drop of more than 1,400 feet from the top to the bottom. Nicknamed the “Black Hole” by serious cavers, it’s the Granddaddy of the Big Pits, one of the most spectacular drops on the planet. Only the […]

Expeditions to the Edge

13 x 60 minutes A dramatic adventure series that showcases incredible expeditions where something went terribly wrong It depicts and examines the decision-making processes each explorer had to initiate, and the unbelievable acts of heroism performed in order to survive. These expeditions set records, caused controversy, and changed lives.

Game Changers

25 x 30 minutes / Produced for CBS Professional athletes around the world amaze us with their skills in the sporting arena, but what they do off the field is equally extraordinary. Game Changers is a series that gives us an in-depth look at the players and everything they do off the field to help […]

The World’s Most Extreme Races

2 x 60 minutes The World’s Most Extreme Races is an action-packed show of fist-clenching speed, high-octane crashes and burning rubber. We look at the unusual, wackier and more dangerous side of motorsports, and show that no matter what type of race it is, everyone is determined to steal the checkered flag.

World Desert Championship

Season 1: 6 x 60 minutes / Produced for CBS Sports Season 2: 5 x 60 minutes + 1 x 120 minutes / Produced for CBS Sports Welcome to the most exhilarating, unforgiving, heart stopping, breath taking and notorious race ever conceived on this Earth. The World Desert Championship is the world’s most premier off-road […]

World’s Wackiest Sports

14 x 30 minutes World’s Wackiest Sports drop-kicks viewers into the lives of three testosterone-fueled friends who get off on watching the very best clips of crazy competitions and hilarious sports from around the world. But our guys don’t stop there. Being young, highly competitive risk-takers, these friends pick the most insane challenges – and then […]