3 x 60 minutes A compelling new series that proves the laws of physics were made to be challenged. Each hour looks beyond the showmanship to uncover the world of incredible highs and bone-crushing lows for the men and women who push the envelope further and further in their commitment to defy danger.  Daredevils introduces […]

Live! The World’s Greatest Stunts

4 x 60 minutes Nothing less than the world’s greatest stunts, which includes a motorcycle leap over two semi trucks in motion, an end-over-end car flip down a mountainside, a tandem sky drive separating to a freefall, a mountain bike over Angel Falls, and a trio of vehicles in a triple jump with intersecting paths.

Masters of Stunts

1 x 60 minutes Masters of Stunts unites the world’s elite stunt performers, including James Bond’s top stuntmen, in locations around the globe to undertake never before attempted World Premiere and Record Breaking Stunts.


22 X 60 minutes Stuntmasters is entertainment excellence with all the elements of great television: intense drama, major stars, incredible production value, and wall-to-wall adrenaline overload. It is the premier series celebrating the danger-filled world of stunt-people.

Stuntmen’s World Tour

1 X 90 minutes Travel the globe in search of the highest, fastest, and most daring stunts ever preformed. From landing a flying motorcycle inside a speeding truck near Las Vegas, to jumping a car over a speeding truck near Paris. On land, water, and in the air, these stunts from around the world are […]

The Ultimate Stuntman – A Tribute to Dar Robinson

Hosted by Chuck Norris, this heart-warming tribute salutes Hollywood’s premier stuntman who prided himself on never having broken a bone during his spectacular 19-year career. Action-packed film clips are combined with comments and memories from friends and colleagues.

The World’s Greatest Stunts

1 X 60 minutes This tribute to Hollywood Stuntmen is the definitive salute to the state-of-the-art of spectacular stunts, and to the talented men and women who provide the thrilling action. Hosted by the late international film star Christopher Reeve, the special offers a fast-paced look at the most sensational stunts from Hollywood.

The World’s Wildest Daredevils

14 x 30 minutes WORLD’S WACKIEST SPORTS drop-kicks viewers into the lives of three testosterone-fueled friends who get off on watching the very best clips of crazy competitions and hilarious sports from around the world. But our guys don’t stop there. Being young, highly competitive risk-takers, these friends pick the most insane challenges – and […]