Angels Among Us

4 X 60 minutes / Produced for CMT Meet everyday men and women who believe they were saved from tragedy through angelic encounters. Ranging from catastrophic car crashed to tornadoes, debilitating illnesses to the biggest terrorist attack in U.S. history, hear tales of triumph and angelic intervention told in the survivors’ own words. Hosted by […]

Beyond Human Limits

6 x 60 minutes How do Contortionists twist and bend their bodies in ways that defy explanation? Are the Stigmatics’ unexplainable open wounds indications of God’s power or a psychic manifestation? Are Exorcisms real and do they prove the existence of evil in the world? BEYOND HUMAN LIMITS looks at how our lives transcend the […]

Confessions of Alien Abductions

6 x 30 minutes / Produced for WE This series delves deep into the lives of ordinary women – homemakers, mothers, professionals – and the traumatizing alien encounters that have haunted them for decades. After years of denial, they finally agree to face their fears and revisit their unique tales of space travel and telepathic […]


1 x 90 minutes / Produced for Chiller While many believed the tale of Cropsey, an escaped mental patient who snatched children, was just an urban legend, the mysterious disappearance of a 13-year-old girl in the summer of 1987 made it clear that there was a real and terrifying monster roaming the streets.  That was […]

In Search of Holy Treasure

13 x 60 minutes In Search of Holy Treasure follows the mysterious path of Holy Relics with dramatic recreations along with the people who believe its role in religious history.  Historical items include The Shroud of Turin, The Oviedo Cloth, Noah’s Ark, and The Tunic of Argenteuil.  Each gripping episode focuses on a different Holy […]

Killer Legends

2 x 60 minutes or 1 x 120 minutes / Produced for Chiller This eye-opening special follows filmmakers Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills as they investigate the real crimes that spawned from famous urban legends such as The Candyman, The Baby-Sitter and the Man Upstairs, and Cropsey.

Missing Link

13 x 60 minutes There are things in the world that have been left unexplained or suppressed for decades. Yet they continue to intrigue us, perhaps even haunt us. MISSING LINK is a 13-part documentary that explores such paranormal phenomena – mythical creatures, divine manifestations, witchcraft. From Satanism and supernatural deaths to UFOs and poltergeists, […]

Monsters and Mysteries

Season 1: 6 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery USA Season 2: 12 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery USA Season 3: 10 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery USA Enter the mysterious world of the paranormal and follow eyewitnesses as they re-live their terrifying encounters with Mothman, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, and other […]

Monsters and Mysteries in Alaska

1 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery Alaska – 90,000 square miles of wilderness. Could its uninhabited frontier be hiding monsters and mysteries? For the first time, witnesses tell the stories of their encounters with the unknown: Bigfoot, lake monsters and UFOs. Alaska’s empty wilderness and dark skies make it the perfect place for […]

Mysterious Worlds

Season 1: 5 x 60 minutes Season 2: 5 x 60 minutes Do vampires roam the night? Do ancient prophecies predict our future? Are crop circles an elaborate hoax or a message from above? MYSTERIOUS WORLDS takes viewers into these dark underworlds to explore the unknown, the paranormal, and the bizarre subcultures that lurk just […]

Occult Crimes

Season 1: 10 x 60 minutes / Produced for Canal D Season 2: 10 x 60 minutes / Produced for Canal D Look inside the devilish minds of some of the most unpredictable and dangerous killers in history. Taking their orders from the devil, these real life demons are determined to gain immortality by committing […]

Portal to the Unknown

Season 1: 14 x 60 minutes Season 2: 13 x 60 minutes Have you ever felt an eerie presence in your house or something following you during a hike in the mountains? You’re not alone. “Portal to the Unknown” introduces us to people who have had very real encounters with some of the most hauntingly […]

Real Ghosthunters (Supersleuths)

1 x 60 minutes The search for life after death just got high-tech! Witness documentation of real evidence by the world’s premier ghost hunters: spirit voices, floating balls of light, anomalous “hot spots,” poltergeists, and actual photographs utilizing the latest techno tools.

When Ghosts Attack

8 x 60 minutes / Produced for Destination America Find out what happens when an unseen, evil entity not only reveals itself to the living but strikes with terrifying force. Travel to the dark side of the paranormal world, where poltergeist activity is child’s play compared to the torment of a malevolent demon. Told from […]