98% Human

1 x 30 minutes 98% Human takes viewers to the front lines of the fight to save chimpanzees from human driven extinction. Fusion environmental correspondent Nicolás Ibargüen travels to the Gombe National Park in Tanzania to meet Jane Goodall, the legendary scientist and conservationist who conducted a thirty-year study on chimpanzees. Today Chimpanzees are facing many […]

Animals Are People Too!

6 x 60 minutes It’s just a typical day in the life of man and beast, as viewers meet the pig who’s truly a plumbers helper, the computer rat who strings cables, the penguin who shops ‘til she drops and the devoted swan who’s in love… with a swan boat, just to name a few! […]

Confessions: Animal Hoarding

Season 1: 18 x 60 minutes / Produced for Animal Planet Season 2: 14 x 60 minutes / Produced for Animal Planet Confessions: Animal Hoarding is an intimate portrayal of people and animals affected by hoarding and the challenges of confronting this unusual psychological condition.  Each episode delves into the hearts and minds of individuals […]

Croc Attack

1 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery Sudden disappearances, violent attacks and fatal consequences – Croc crusader Adam Britton investigates.

Extreme Animal Obsessions

2 X 60 minutes / Produced for Animal Planet USA Extreme Animal Obsessions showcases people’s intense devotion to their favorite creatures. Whether these animal crazed individuals attempt to transform into their furry companion or prepare road kill for a stomach twisting dinner, they all share a unique obsession with escaping the human world and entering the […]

Extreme Contact

13 x 30 minutes This reality animal encounter series takes viewers underwater, to one of the last places in North America where dangerous and predatory animals still rule! Directed and written like a fast-moving dramatic adventure series, EXTREME CONTACT sets out to explore just how close man can get to the wildest and most ferocious […]

Great White Highway

1 X 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery The central coast of California is home to some of the biggest Great White Sharks in the world… but only for part of the year. Teams of scientists from Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey Bay have spent years tagging and tracking these sharks to find […]

I Cloned My Pet

2 x 60 minutes / Produced for TLC A dog has been called man’s best friend for centuries, but with today’s modern technology, animals can stick around much longer than their standard life expectancy.  I Cloned My Pet chronicles a group of dedicated pet lovers who lost their loyal canines but go to extremes to […]

Killer Bees

1 x 60 minutes Since escaping from a Brazilian breeding program fifty years ago, KILLER BEES have managed to live up to thier deadly reputation: they’ve claimed one thousand lives in the Americas and show no signs of stopping. No longer the stuff of horror movies, KILLER BEES are moving into out neighborhoods at an […]

Killer Moose

1 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery At 10 feet tall, 2000 pounds and equipped with antlers sharp as daggers the moose is one scary killer mammal that you never knew about. In “Killer Moose” we’ll explore why this cartoonish animal is wreaking havoc on mankind!

King of Seas

1 x 30 minutes Great White Sharks have long been depicted as dangerous man-hunting monsters. In this expedition, Project Earth will work to dispel these myths and reveal the true role of great white sharks in today’s oceans. Fusion’s environmental correspondent Nicolás Ibargüen will join world renown white shark expert Mauricio Hoyos, conservationist Ocean Ramsey, […]

Monster Bug Wars

1 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery There are epic battles happening every day fought by tiny monsters with extraordinary weaponry. Armed with poison, fangs, jaws and claws! In a fight for food and survival, it’s eat or be eaten. They lurk in forests, deserts and even our backyard. Macro photography captures these epic […]

Nasty by Nature

1 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery Welcome to the repulsive, disgusting and thoroughly gross things that animals do to survive. If slimy hagfish don’t make you cringe, then perhaps projectile vomit from a northern fulmar will grab your attention? Using ultra slo mo, infrared, super macro and special night vision lenses, we explore […]

Prehistoric Assassins

2 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery Journey across time to a planet Earth that seems otherworldly and meet creatures that seem alien. Skies dominated by screeching pterodactyls, seas patrolled by freakish Anomalocaris (a carnivorous, seven foot long prawn) and the lands savaged by the saber toothed tiger. The prehistoric world s most terrifying […]

River Warriors

1 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery Chad Pregracke is the Mike Rowe of the river and his crew is a mix of dynamic and energetic young professionals. Their goal is to remove 2 million tons of garbage from America’s Rivers over the next 10 months!


Season 1: 18 x 30 minutes Season 2: 13 x 30 minutes Dive into the depths with SEATEK: the television encyclopedia of the undersea world. Explore Earth’s final frontier – its oceans, rivers, and lakes. Meet the people who dare to push the envelope as they find new ways to explore and conquer Earth’s underwater […]

Shark Land: Welcome to Cocos Island

1 x 30 minutes “Entourage” star Adrian Grenier joins marine biologist Sylvia Earle and Fusion’s environmental correspondent Nicolás Ibargüen on a journey to Cocos Island off the shore of Costa Rica to bring attention to the plight of endangered sharks who are being threatened by poachers and ocean pollution.

Suburban Monsters

1 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery Takes a look at the potentially deadly animals that live all around us, why attacks are becoming more frequent, and what is being done to keep us safe.

The Wildlife Docs

Season 1:  26 x 30 minutes / Produced for ABC Season 2:  26 x 30 minutes / Produced for ABC An amazing wildlife adventure with 12,000 exotic animals and the men and women who care for them. Immerse yourself in the drama as precious lives are on the line and witness as real wildlife heroes […]

War Dogs

1 x 60 minutes Plunge into the steamy jungles of southwest Asia to experience the silent camaraderie between dog and man. The real life story of thousands of courageous dogs that fought alongside soldiers and saved hundreds of lives. Using dramatic re-creations, home movies, footage and eyewitness accounts.

When Animals Bite Back

1 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery Captive and wild animals rebel in these real-life encounters caught on tape: a bull leaps into the spectator stands at a Spanish bull ring, a ‘gator handler’ nearly loses his hand to a hungry alligator, an escaped chimpanzee terrorizes a Kansas City neighborhood and nearly takes out […]

When Fish Attack

3 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery We all know the dangers of the great white shark and other well-known deep-sea predators. But other, seemingly innocuous inhabitants of the world’s oceans can be equally dangerous. When Fish Attack takes an in depth, analytical look at these unexpected attacks by unfamiliar assassins. The victims tell […]

When Nature Strikes

1 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery From massive hurricanes and swarming tornados to biblical floods and scorching wildfires, 2008 has been one of the deadliest weather years ever. All across the world, extreme weather ruins the lives of millions, and Mother Nature may have even more in store for us. As the earth […]

World of Wonder

Season 1: 13 x 30 minutes Season 2: 13 x 30 minutes Season 3: 13 x 30 minutes Season 4: 13 x 30 minutes From the marvels of modern science to the dangerous exploits of intrepid adventurers. WORLD OF WONDER’s stunning photography and gripping storytelling from every corner of the globe combine to make this […]