A collection of 8 documentaries including:

3 x 60

  • Who Is Black In America: Soledad O’Brien explores interpretations of race and identity for African Americans.
  • Promised Land/Silicon Valley: Follow the lives of eight strangers living together in a unique, technology-focused “accelerator” program developed to help African American digital entrepreneurs secure funding to establish their businesses.
  • Great Expectations Gap: Explore solutions to the education achievement gap between black and white children.

5 x 120

  • The Black Man: Soledad O’Brien explores the current state of black men in America through the personal stories of men, their sons, and their grandsons.
  • Women and Family: A massive family reunion provides a window into how African American families deal with race.
  • Today’s Pioneers: Soledad O’Brien reports on community organizers who are creating progress and improvements at the local level.
  • Tomorrow’s Leaders: Soledad O’Brien focuses on programs aimed at developing the African American leaders of tomorrow.
  • Almighty Debt: Explore how an institution central to African American communities for generations is helping its 7,000 parishioners survive the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

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