Over the past year we have seen the results of the power of nature and how it has changed not only the face of the earth, but the lives and futures of individuals who have found themselves in its fierce path. Full Force Nature reveals this power in all it terrible beauty, as this exciting new series incorporates personal experiences with the extreme weather and life threatening encounters with severe storms, all captured on never before see on home videos. We experience the destruction of of multiple twisting tornadoes, escape catastrophic mudslides and high-mountain avalanches, and are rendered helpless by the personal devastation in the aftermath caused by class 5 hurricanes and tsunamis as recently experienced by the southern United States and southeast Asia. Unvarnished reality and human drama grip as when a family is caught in a storm surge, battling to survive, and we witness dramatic searches and heroic rescues carried out against forces of violent weather. In Full Force Nature, we meet fearless storm chasers and eye witnesses who film action as it unfolds in front of them, and meet the people who have seen the worst nature has to offer and survived.

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