• El Americano: A special forces team hired by the United States government to apprehend fugitives is ambushed by a team of Mexican mercenaries.
  • El Cartel: A hopeless romantic seems to dig his own grave when he betrays his boss, the leader of a powerful crime ring.
  • La Revancha: An imprisoned man plans an attack that he will execute against his enemies once he is free.
  • El Karma: A work-obsessed man’s daughter is abducted by a violent mobster.
  • El Soldado Imperial: A war breaks out between law enforcement and cartel criminals.
  • Mercado Negro: A group of people trying to cross the United States border are captured by dangerous criminals.
  • Sabotaje: When the leaders of a federal mission keep the cash they confiscated, they find themselves at odds with the same law enforcement agency that hired them.
  • Comando X: A common man is forced to join an organized crime group out of necessity.
  • El Sinaloense y El Kora: Childhood friends reunite as adults when they start working as hitmen and mules for a drug lord.
  • Fuego Contra Fuego: Immoral alliances are forged when criminals and members of the government launch a spy tool named Pandora.
  • Cien Por Uno: A cartel lieutenant goes against his judgement and offers a job to an untrustworthy mobster.

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