GRB carries crime to UK, Eastern Europe

Broadcasters including PBS America in the UK and Kinosvet in the Czech Republic and Slovakia have picked up a raft of crime series from US-based distributor GRB Entertainment.

Both channels have taken FBI Takedowns, which follows adrenaline-fuelled and high-stakes manhunts conducted by the Bureau.

Kinosvet has also acquired the rights to four other series. Gothic Killers tells true stories of how people involved in occults use devil worship; Gang World looks at the origins and evolution of the most dangerous gangs in the US; Occult Crimes examines the minds of some of the most unpredictable killers in history; and The Bureau follows FBI agents, analysts and profilers as they investigate cases.

Meanwhile, real-life crime series Killer Kids has been picked up by Zoom Poland and explores the dark side of children. Zoom has also acquired Twisted Tales of My 9 to 5, which explores crimes that take place at work.

All shows are distributed by GRB, which specialises in crime programming and has more than 700 hours of content in its catalogue.

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