GRB Entertainment and Commercial TV distribution alliance sealed

GRB Entertainment and Commercial TV sealed a distribution agreement whereby TV Commercial distribute GRB Entertainment catalog in Spain, Latin America and the Hispanic US market.

GRB Entertainment, in his 29th year as producer and distributor, has a catalog with productions like Intervention , an Emmy – winning reality series Best reality program and issues and their 13th season in A & E.

“This agreement should help us to improve our product presence in Spanish-speaking markets,” said Gary R. Benz, president and founder of GRB Entertainment. “That’s why we wanted to have the experience of TV Commercial team and are confident that our programs continue to reap success in new territories, channels and markets.”

“GRB is a major producer with excellent content that have proved their quality and innovation capacity in formats and developments,” said Santiago Gimeno, president and founder of Commercial TV. “It is a great honor and a great responsibility to take charge of its management in the Spanish-speaking territories.For that we have a great team in Spain. In addition to our team in Spain, we work with Cesar Diaz, CEO of 7AMedia to represent our interests in Latin America since our new office in Miami. Having this excellent catalog is certainly a source of satisfaction. ”

Other highlights that are part of the offer of GRB Entertainment are Showdown of the Unbeatables , broadcast on National Geographic; Twisted Tales of My 9 to 5 , produced and aired on Discovery ID; and Untold Stories of the ER , his 11th season on the air. GRB Entertainment also produces series aimed at a female audience how Designer to the Stars . The company also distributes various programs and home style success as My First Home , The Wildlife Docs , originally produced for ABC; and Police Women of Dallas .

With the signing of this agreement, Commercial TV will be in charge of marketing this catalog broadcasters of Spanish-speaking markets.

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