GRB Entertainment brings crime and extreme nature content to Europe, Malaysia

MUMBAI: GRB Entertainment has announced a deal with N24 for crime and nature programming in German-speaking Europe, as well as a deal with Malaysia’s Cheers Media for extreme nature shows.

N24 acquired three crime programs, all originally produced for Discovery. ‘Chain Gang: Maricopa County’ is about one month, three chains and fifteen men in prison. The Chain Gang is the ultimate punishment, the ultimate challenge, and sometimes the ultimate opportunity.

In ‘County Jail’, visit some of the toughest jails in America, a world where guilt and innocence hang in the balance – breeding tension, desperation, and the never-ending threat of violence.

‘Hostage: Do or Die’ is the most frightening circumstances involving merciless criminals taking innocent victims hostage at the height of their elaborate crimes. For the first time, the hostages and negotiators who survived recount the horrifying moments that scarred their lives forever.

N24 also took nature program ‘Monster Bug Wars’, a one hour documentary showing tiny monster bugs with extraordinary weaponry. Armed with poison, fangs, jaws and claws, in a fight for food and survival, it’s eat or be eaten.

Cheers Media in Malaysia picked up two seasons of ‘Full Force Nature’. Viewers can experience all types of natural disasters, from a storm chaser caught in the eye of a hurricane to a snowboarder trapped in an avalanche. Cheers also picked up ‘Nature’s Revenge’, a ten-title package that takes an exotic look at some of the unexplored aspects of nature including underwater encounters and brutal animal attacks.

“We have over 130 hours of nature and wildlife programming in our catalogue and we are so pleased to bring the ‘Nature’s Revenge’ package, which includes ‘Monster Bug Wars’, to audiences in both Europe and Malaysia. Crime programming also continues to be a best-seller around the world and we’re thrilled to offer three of our top series to German-speaking Europe,” said GRB Entertainment senior VP international distribution Michael Lolato.

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