GRB Entertainment in new content deals with Sony Pictures and Bell Media

GRB Entertainment has announced deals for crime series to Canada’s Bell Media and to Sony Pictures Entertainment in the UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Ireland and Malta. Bell Media (Canal D, Investigation) has acquired 4 series for its French-speaking audiences. ‘Killer Legends’ is the investigation of real crimes that spawned from famous urban legends such as ‘The Candyman’, ‘The Baby-Sitter and the Man Upstairs’ and ‘Cropsey’. ‘Cropsey’ is another investigative series. While many believed the tale of Cropsey was an urban legend, the mysterious disappearance of a 13-year-old girl in the summer of 1987 made it clear that there was a real monster roaming the streets. Two filmmakers who grew up in the area return to the community to uncover the truth behind the real-life boogeyman. ‘FBI Takedowns’ tracks down criminals. Elite FBI agents are on a mission to hunt down the world’s most wanted criminals. With exclusive access to FBI’s most notorious cases, and the agents who led the charge, each episode follows the pursuit and capture of deadly criminals. ‘Police Women of Dallas’ follows the lives of 4 extraordinary women – 3 police officers and a detective – at the Dallas Police Department. They provide a first–person account of intensely demanding, sometimes funny, and often dangerous lives as officers of the law, all while balancing kids, significant others, and life at home. Sony Pictures Entertainment will also broadcast ‘Police Women of Dallas’ along with ‘Police Women of Broward County’. This installment of the series follows four female members of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. Sony has also picked up ‘Earl Hamner: Storyteller’, a new documentary paying tribute to one of America’s most prolific television writers, Earl Hamner Jr., creator of The Waltons and Falcon Crest and writer of multiple episodes of The Twilight Zone. “GRB’s catalogue of crime series covers a wide range of cases which will entertain and fascinate a new range of viewers. We are proud to share these series with global crime aficionados,” said Michael Lolato, SVP of International Distribution, GRB Entertainment. “Earl Hamner Jr., who recently passed away, was, and continues to be, wildly respected in the television industry. His series were huge hits, and now it’s time for the world to see the brilliant man who brought their favourite characters to life through his iconic writing.”

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