GRB Entertainment premieres Spanish-language titles at Mipcom

GRB Entertainment is bringing three new Spanish-language titles to the television trade event Mipcom in Cannes, France later this month including a comedic feature film, an investigative series and a wildlife programme. ‘Enchufe Sin Visa: An Undocumented Comedy’ is a comedic feature film from YouTube’s EnchufeTV (over 12 million subscribers) and follows six Latinos traveling to the US for the first time. They will deal with awkward social situations, language barriers and awful food — all the while on the run from immigration officers. How far will they go to make this the trip of a lifetime? ‘Fugitivos de la Ley’ features a team of real-life bail and fugitive recovery agents as they track down the roughest criminals on the run. From drug dealers to car thieves to murderers, they’ve run into the worst. Outfitted in bullet-proof vests and armed with guns and street-smarts, these former marines and police officers will stop at nothing to protect their neighborhoods. ‘The Wildlife Docs’ is an amazing wildlife adventure showcasing 12,000 exotic animals and the doctors who care for them. Immerse yourself in the drama as precious animal lives are on the line and witness as real wildlife heroes treat animals of every stripe and colour, from exotic and endangered, to the cute and cuddly. This is an exciting inside look into the world of zoo veterinarians and the untold stories of the animal ER. “GRB Entertainment is already known around the world for its variety of high quality, entertaining and intriguing programs and we are continually refreshing our catalogue. We are pleased to now expand with Spanish-language content, featuring films and factual series which Spanish-speaking audiences are sure to embrace,” said GRB Entertainment senior VP international distribution Michael Lolato.

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