GRB Entertainment sells crimes series to Collaboration Inc. & Sky UK

ETV picked up four seasons of factual thriller On the Case, exploring murder mysteries through in-depth interviews with those closest to the case and examining the forensic evidence that helped to unravel the crimes. Riveting interviews with witnesses and suspects reveal the raw emotions left behind from personal tragedies and the motives of those who committed the terrible crimes. To date, On The Case has been sold in over 130 countries.

Collaboration Inc. and Sky UK both acquired Hostage: Do or Die which tackles the most extreme, frightening circumstances involving merciless criminals taking innocent victims hostage. For the first time, the hostages and negotiators who survived nearly fatal ordeals recount the horrifying moments that scarred their lives forever.

“GRB has a vast library of intense, true crime series that broadcasters around the world continue to show unwavering interest in. On the Case and Hostage: Do or Die have been extremely popular and are sure to engage audiences in Africa, Japan and the UK,” said GRB Entertainment – SVP of International Distribution Michael Lolato.

Intervention, GRB’s groundbreaking A&E series (200+ episodes), received two Emmy® Award nominations in 2016 and a Critics’ Choice Award nomination in 2016, an Emmy® Award nomination in 2015.

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