GRB Entertainment Sends Lifestyle Titles to Hungary

GRB Entertainment has sold several home-improvement and lifestyle titles to TV2 in Hungary, with Secret Guide to Fabulousamong them.

The new home-makeover series Secret Guide to Fabulous unlocks the mysteries to improving your life, from making a last-minute gourmet meal to refining your personal style and more. TV2 also went for three seasons of My First Home, following first-time homebuyers through the process of purchasing their first property, when “must-haves” and budgets don’t always meet.

Another pickup for TV2 is the eco-friendly makeover series Alter Eco, presented by Adrian Grenier of HBO’s Entourage. TV2 also signed on for Super Swank, which introduces viewers to the luxury lifestyle, including top-notch cars, yachts, spas, hotels, vacation homes, beach resorts, log cabins and more.

“Lifestyle and home-improvement content are always in high demand around the world,” said Michael Lolato, the senior VP of international distribution at GRB Entertainment. “TV2 viewers are sure to be entertained by these titles; they can buy a home, redecorate it, and jet off on an exotic vacation all without leaving their couch.”

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