GRB Entertainment shares more ‘Untold Stories of the E.R.’ with Discovery Italy

GRB Entertainment announced a multiple-seasons’ deal with Discovery Italy for the long-running, world-renowned, hit medical series ‘Untold Stories of the E.R.’

The factual series is produced by GRB Entertainment for Discovery Life in the US. Having already acquired their first season in 2015 and experiencing great success, Discovery Italy took the remaining 10 seasons, along with a Holiday episode and Specials, now holding the entire series. ‘Untold Stories of the E.R.’ is seen in 126 countries.

‘Untold Stories of the E.R.’ breaks open the secret world of hospital emergency rooms, highlighting some of the craziest medical stories ever documented. These are real doctors and the real cases that changed their lives. Witness amazing, bizarre, and emotionally explosive stories about the clash of life and death in the E.R.

“GRB Entertainment is proud to bring our original production of the gripping and entertaining series, Untold Stories of the E.R. to Italy. Discovery Life recently hosted a successful, week-long marathon of this extremely popular series in the US and enjoyed great ratings. Discovery Italy’s viewers are sure to become addicted to the series,” said Mike Lolato, SVP of International Distribution, GRB Entertainment.

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