GRB Entertainment takes crime to France, Italy

GRB Entertainment announced deals for its captivating, true-life crime series ‘Wicked Attraction’. Planete in France picked up the newest season and Discovery Italy took three seasons. ‘Wicked Attraction’ explores romantic relationships between two seemingly ordinary people who come together to commit heinous crimes. This series highlights some of the most terrifying crimes in recent history, going inside the killers’ heads to determine the roots of their murders. Criminal psychologists seek to explain how murderous duos find each other, how they select their victims, and what motivates them to kill. GRB Entertainment senior VP international distribution Mike Lolato said, “GRB Entertainment has been in the crime programming business for a long time, representing some of the best real-life murder investigative series. ‘Wicked Attraction’ has been intriguing global audiences for several years, providing an intimate look into sexual predators and criminal masterminds. Now in its sixth season, viewers are sure to stay-tuned in, giving our broadcast partners continued success.”

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