GRB launches Nelson Serrano: I’m Innocent in MIPDoc

GRB Entertainment (USA) confirmed the release of his documentary crime Nelson Serrano: I’m Innocent during MIPDoc. His production, filmmaker Jeanette Hinostroza Ecuador participates on Saturday April 2nd at 4.30pm in the Conference Room of the panelTrue Crime: What’s The Buzz .

It is a controversial documentary about the story of a man immigrant businessman who is under sentence of death penalty in Florida. He was illegally expelled from Ecuador to confront a corrupt judgment in that state, convicted of killing four people.

Now, Serrano , his family and lawyers seeking to prove his innocence for a crime he could not have committed. Several facts and DNA are questionable, added to an alleged manipulation of evidence, are part of this production that delves into the American judicial system.

Mike Lolato , SVP of International Distribution GRB , commented: “We are always looking for provocative programming. As proven success Making a Murderer on Netflix , the real murders programming is a hot subject and the audience is hungry for this content ‘.

Hinostroza , of the production company 180 Degrees Productions , added: “It is an incredible story of injustice that Serrano is suffering. We hope to draw media attention with our production and MIPTV present the case thanks to the call for Documentary Campus’.

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