MIPTV Spotlight: GRB Entertainment

Nelson Serrano: I’m Innocent, a top MIPTV title for GRB Entertainment, chronicles the case of a man convicted of murder despite an alleged lack of evidence.

“True crime is a genre that is at an ultimate high in popularity and everyone is fascinated by real-life cases of wrongful conviction or beating the system,” says Michael Lolato, the senior VP of international distribution at GRB. “Everyone wants to solve a crime—this allows them to do just that, and not ever leave the couch.”

Hayden Quinn, meanwhile, follows the titular celebrity cook as he departs his Australian home for a culinary adventure in South Africa. Also on GRB’s slate are two seasons of Secret Guide to Fabulous, which Lolato says will “unlock the mysteries to making your life better.”

“This year, GRB Entertainment will continue its success in distributing factual programs and will be expanding into documentaries,” adds Lolato.


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