Nelson Serrano: I’m Innocent Filmmaker Set for MIPDoc

Ecuadorian journalist and filmmaker Jeanette Hinostroza, who is behind GRB Entertainment’s factual crime documentaryNelson Serrano: I’m Innocent, will be a featured speaker at MIPDoc.

Hinostroza will take part in the Documentary Campus-produced MIPDoc panel True Crime: What’s the Buzz on Saturday, April 2. Nelson Serrano: I’m Innocent tells the story of Nelson Serrano, an immigrant businessman, who is currently on Death Row in Florida. Serrano was illegally taken from his home in Ecuador to face a trial in Florida where he was convicted of murdering four people, though there was an apparent lack of evidence.

Mike Lolato, the senior VP of international distribution at GRB Entertainment, said: “GRB Entertainment is known worldwide for its provocative programming and we are thrilled that award-winning filmmaker Jeanette Hinostroza will be joining us at MIPDoc to help promote her very important film, which GRB is honored to distribute. As the profound success of Netflix’s Making a Murderer proves, true-life crime programming is a hot topic and with increasing audience appetites for factual justice programming, we expect the film to reach many of our broadcast partners.”

Hinostroza commented: “I am very pleased to partner with GRB and MIPDoc to help share the incredible story of injustice that Nelson Serrano has been dealt. We hope with the increasing media attention on his story, that he and other innocent people’s voices will be heard. I thank MIPDoc and the Documentary Campus for inviting me to speak and look forward to meeting many great filmmakers from around the world.”

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