Suburban Monsters Among GRB’s Latest Sales

GRB Entertainment has placed several factual, automotive and wildlife titles, including Suburban Monsters, in France and French-speaking territories through a deal with AB Droits Audiovisuels.

In the automotive category, AB Droits Audiovisuels picked up two seasons of World Desert Championship, produced for CBS Sports. The series highlights notorious automotive races, pitting man and machine against some of the world’s most unforgiving deserts. It also acquired for Jet Truck andWest Coast Customs. Jet Truck looks on as daredevil Chris Darnell races customized trucks that are propelled by a 36,000 horsepower jet rocket. West Coast Customs, meanwhile, follows car customizer Ryan Friedlinghas and his crew as they show audiences car builds for clients such as Justin Bieber.

AB Droits also took two seasons of The Wildlife Docs, originally produced for ABC. The wildlife adventure series features more than 12,000 exotic animals from the world-famous Busch Gardens Zoo, as well as the vets who care for them. Suburban Monsters, produced for Discovery, showcases potentially deadly creatures, examines why attacks are becoming more frequent, and explores what is being done to keep people safe.

“GRB Entertainment is known for fast-paced, high-velocity programming, which keeps audiences on the edge of their seats,” said Michael Lolato, the senior VP of international distribution at GRB Entertainment. “We are pleased to share some of our top automotive and wildlife programming with AB Droits and are confident they will find tremendous success with these programs.”

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