The Power of Paranormal Programming

The most popular supernatural show represented by GRB Entertainment is When Ghosts Attack, which tells the tales of real people who believe that they were physically assaulted by unseen, evil entities. The company’s catalogue also contains such paranormal titles as Monsters & Mysteries, Portal to the Unknown,Killer Legends, Angels Among Us and Confessions of Alien Abductions. “It’s different with every country, but I think paranormal is one of those things that hits all ages,” says Mike Lolato, the company’s senior VP of international distribution. “It tends to be the 18-plus [viewers], and I think it tends slightly toward a female audience, but it really is one of those things that everyone is secretly obsessed over.”

Lolato points out that the demand for supernatural content comes and goes, depending on the constantly evolving appetite in the factual market. “It’s cyclical in its popularity,” he says, noting that 2015 was especially strong for the genre. “There’s been a very big resurgence in paranormal. Over the past year, everybody is asking for anything paranormal.”

“Paranormal’s universal,” says Lolato. “No matter what language or culture you’re in, there’s always an element of spirits, ghosts or whatever they’re called, whether they’re good or bad—it’s in every single population across the world.” And even for those viewers who are skeptical of the supernatural world, there’s no denying the pure entertainment value that can come from a good ghost story.

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