Untold Stories of the ER Specials

12 x 60 minutes / Produced for Discovery Life

12 themed specials from the long running Untold Stories of the ER series:

Baby 911: A woman gives birth in the passenger seat of her car, while her husband is unconscious.

Celebration Stoppers: A middle aged man suffers from septic shock on his anniversary.

Party Fail: A bride with kidney stones refuses to remove her wedding gown.

Worst Day Ever: A man has a metal pipe stuck through his face and out his neck.

Didn’t See That Coming: Two skydivers land on a metal post.

Creepy Crawlers: A patient with asthma symptoms admits to having a live worm in her rectum.

Labor Pains: A pregnant woman thinks she’s in labor, but it’s really the side effects of a spider bite!

I Was Dead: A woman comes back to life after a doctor has declared her deceased.

Temptations: A stroke patient watches speechless as his wife and two girlfriends fight over him.

Secrets: A patient has a mysterious, insatiable craving for chocolate pudding.

Nurse Intuition: A nurse’s fiancé is brought into the ER acting strangely.

Nurse in Charge: A man goes into life-threatening pain-killer withdrawals.