Why You Should Be Watching “Untold Stories of the ER”

Of all of the television programs that you could be watching both on normal cable TV and through streaming services, a commonly overlooked option from TLC and Discovery Life is “Untold Stories of the E.R.”. The show is currently in its 12th season, so it stands to reason that there are several reasons that could explain the show’s impressive run despite the picky nature of current viewership that often is a death sentence to promising shows just starting on the air. So, why should you be watching this show in particular? Here are a few good reasons why this show should be on your list of things to watch:

Real Stories From Real People

One of the most appealing aspects of this show for its current viewers is the realness that it offers. Real doctors and nurses are on the show every week talking about true-to-life cases they have seen come through the E.R.s that they work out of. This adds a feel of authenticity to the show, and gives you a distinct look at just what kind of medical marvels and bizarre incidents that doctors and nurses across the country are dealing with each and every day. With the sheer volume of hospitals and medical staff available from coast to coast, it is not surprising that in 12 seasons to date no two shows have been closely related to one another. The producers of the show are not just hashing the same event again and again, but audiences are getting a unique experience with each new episode that they watch.

Doctors (And Sometimes Patients) Participate In Re-Enactments

Another cool aspect about this show is that the doctors or nurses take part each time in the re-enactments of the events. This also adds a feel of authenticity, even though you know that the actual event on camera is a dramatization of the incident being discussed. You can be left with a sense that this is how the situation actually went, and get a feel like you are watching it as it happens (even when the acting might come off as a little campy). If you want to know why the acting might suffer sometimes on this show beyond the fact that medical professionals have rarely taken acting courses amid their extensive training and schooling, is because many of the patients themselves that were involved in these stories also return to reprise their roles in the stories being told to add yet another layer of authenticity to the dramatizations on the show.

Docu-Dramas Are A Fun Experience For Viewers:

While there are all kinds of programs available, you really don’t see a lot of hospital related documentary-dramas available for viewing. This might explain the extreme popularity of the show and prove that people are genuinely interested in strange and bizarre stories that come out of emergency rooms all across the country.

If you are curious about “Untold Stories of the ER” and want to check it out, you can look at the listings for both TLC and Discovery Life (as both air the program). Netflix has also recently picked up the program if you want to binge watch the older seasons to get caught up with the stories happening now.

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