U.S.-based producer and distributor GRB Entertainment has sold a raft of crime series to broadcasters in the UK, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

In the UK, PBS America picked up FBI Takedowns, where teams of FBI agents hunt down the world’s most wanted criminals.

Kinosvet in Czech Republic and Slovakia also picked up FBI Takedowns along with four other series: Gothic Killers, which tells true stories of how people involved in occults committed crimes; Gang World, which takes a look at the origins of the some of the most violent gangs in the U.S.; Occult Crimes (pictured), which offers a look inside the minds of killers; and The Bureau, which follows FBI agents, analysts, and profilers as they investigate cases.

Killer Kids was picked up by Zoom Poland. The series follows investigators as they discover what could push kids to kill. Zoom also acquired Twisted Tales of My 9 to 5, which explores crimes that take place at work.

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