GRB Studios Secures New Season of On the Case

GRB Studios has added to its catalog season nine of On the Case, a true-crime show that it has landed further sales on as well.

Heading into MIPTV, GRB has 32 new episodes of the series to offer the international market (excluding the U.S.). Discovery Europe has acquired season eight for Spain, while M6/Paris Première in France took multiple seasons.

The series, which explores murder mysteries through in-depth interviews with those closest to the case and examines the forensic evidence that helped to unravel the crimes, has been sold in 70-plus countries.

Mehmet Gunduz, GRB Studios’ VP of international, said: “GRB Studios is delighted we could acquire another season of the fascinating On the Case. Global interest in this true-crime series continues to grow. Our broadcast partners who recently took the show—Discovery Europe, M6/Paris Première, Foxtel, A+E Networks and Super RTL—have already enjoyed success with previous seasons. The intriguing story lines are quite compelling, drawing in audiences everywhere. GRB is pleased to bring the show to MIPTV.”

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Int’l nets take GRB crime, paranormal docs

Broadcasters in North America, Europe and Africa have acquired true crime, paranormal and weapons documentary series from US producer and distributor GRB Studios.

Canada-based broadcaster Blue Ant has picked up the second season of true crime, paranormal investigative series Occult Crime, offering viewers a look into the evil minds of dangerous killers.

France’s Planete+ CI, meanwhile, has acquired celebrity obsession series Stalker Files (10×60′), continuing the show’s run of sales in Europe after Super RTL in Germany took the series last year.

UK-based AETN has picked up multiple seasons of weapons docuseries Man at Arms: Art of War (18×60′), hosted by Hollywood actor Danny Trejo, for its territories in Africa.

Elsewhere, CBS Chellozone UK has acquired multiple seasons of Auction Kings for its EMEA feed, focusing on Atlanta-based Paul Brown’s auction house.

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GRB inks multi-territory sales deals

Global content creator and distributor GRB Studios has completed multiple territory sales deals for a slate of true crime, paranormal and weapons programming.

Blue Ant Media has picked up the 10-episode second season of the paranormal investigative series Occult Crime in English-speaking Canada. The series offers a glimpse into the minds of some of history’s most dangerous killers, claiming to take their marching orders from devil.

Elsewhere, France’s Planete+ CI has acquired the celebrity obsession series Stalker Files (10 x 60 minutes) following its sale to SuperRTL in Germany last year. The series features expert interviews and explores high-profile stalking crimes involving Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Steven Spielberg and others.

Meanwhile, AETN UK has picked up the weapons docuseries Men at Arms — Art of War (pictured; 18 x 60 minutes), hosted by Danny Trejo, for its African territories. The series features expert craftsman recreating historical weapons to test their quality, strength and practicality.

Finally, CBS Chellozone UK has acquired three seasons and a one-hour special of Auction Kings for their EMEA feed. The series follows Atlanta-based Paul Brown and his work running auction houses.

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GRB Studios Inks Raft of Global Sales

Leading up to MIPTV, GRB Studios has closed on deals in multiple territories for a variety of programs from its catalog, including true-crime series, paranormal shows and a weapons docuseries.

Paranormal investigative series Occult Crimes will make its debut in English-speaking Canada with Blue Ant. The show offers viewers a glimpse into the minds of infamous killers. Meanwhile, France’s Planete+ CI has acquired true-crime show Stalker Files, moving it over to France from Super RTL Germany, where it landed last year. The 10×1-hour series delves into the stalking cases of high-profile celebrities like Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Steven Spielberg.

Man at Arms: Art of War, a weapons docuseries on offer from GRB, is headed to Africa with a multiple-season deal with AETN UK. Action star Danny Trejo hosts the show, which showcases a team of craftsmen who recreate weapons from history and then test their strength and functionality.

Additionally, CBS Chellozone UK acquired multiple seasons of Auction Kings for their EMEA feed. The series takes a behind-the-scenes look at one of the U.S.’s most successful auction houses, led by Atlanta-based Paul Brown.

GRB’s VP of international, Mehmet Gunduz, said: “GRB Studios is thrilled to share our intriguing, top-quality programs with the world—from Africa to Canada to Europe—and work with long-standing partners AETN UK, Blue Ant, Planete+ CL and CBS Chellozone UK. We are truly confident that their viewers will embrace these exciting and engaging stories. We also look forward to attending MIPTV to showcase these and many other great shows from our premium portfolio.”

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