The killing of Lee Harvey Oswald is one of the most documented murders in history and it was even unintentionally broadcast live on television. It was two days after President Kennedy was assassinated in Dealey Plaza, and the press had descended on Dallas to witness what should have been a routine prison transfer of the alleged assassin. But on that Sunday morning, November 24, 1963, local strip club owner Jack Ruby walked into the Dallas Police parking garage and gunned down Oswald with a single .38 caliber bullet. This second assassination effectively ended plans for the trial of Lee Harvey Oswald and began more than 40 years of speculation about who really killed Kennedy and why. For some conspiracy believers, the killing of Oswald by Jack Ruby may hold the key to solving the Kennedy assassination mystery. This special will plot the timeline of events that led to the killing, recreate the lights and confusion of the basement setting, and bring eyewitnesses back for the first time to remember and restage the event.

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