Confessions: Animal Hording

Confessions: Animal Hoarding is an intimate portrayal of people and animals affected by hoarding and the challenges of confronting this unusual psychological condition.  Each episode delves into the hearts and minds of individuals afflicted, and the family members and friends who want to help prevent their loved ones from spinning further out of control.  Cameras will go inside homes, discovering what it’s like to live in what are often toxic conditions.  Viewers witness the impossible challenge of trying to care for so many pets at once.  With no existing protocol, the series coordinates task-force style mediation by psychologists, animal welfare experts, veterinarians, friends and families, and provides safe opportunities to explore the compulsive care-giving, digging deep into the desire for love and paralyzing fears of loss to understand how the problem grew so extreme and to provide tools to put a healthy plan into action.  The goal is to help improve the lives of everyone involved – human and animal.

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