GRB, Zig Zag forge unscripted co-pro partnership in US, UK

Content and global distribution company GRB Studios and Zig Zag Productions have announced the inking of a co-production agreement which will see the two companies aligning on the shopping and production of selected unscripted projects in the US and UK.

zigzag grb 9Oct2019Under the agreement, Zig Zag and GRB will jointly shop mutually-chosen Zig Zag projects in the United States and mutually-chosen GRB projects in the UK. Any shows greenlit will be co-produced by the companies.

The two companies say one of the keys to their partnership is that they are quite similar in their approach to the international television business. They say that they have both earned “solid”, decades-long reputations in their home markets with a global view on production and distribution, and have created shows with universal appeal that have sold in many territories around the world.]

“GRB Studios is thrilled to partner with Zig Zag Productions, a consummate independent powerhouse company, very united with GRB’s goals,” said GRB’s new SVP of international, Sarah Coursey. “Our aim is to co-produce a number of compelling unscripted projects together that will appeal to a global audience, harnessing the best of both companies’ creative and business strengths.”

“We’re excited to be forming this strategic alliance to exploit mutually selected Zig Zag and GRB projects and formats for the US and UK markets,” added Zig Zag Productions managing director Matt Graff. “Creating an Anglo-American partnership between two strong independent players with proven excellence in creativity and production is an exciting prospect.”

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