GRB aims to offer audiences Fear & Hope

US reality and documentary producer and distributor GRB Studios is working on a series exploring pandemics and similar crises through the ages.

GRB’s CEO Gary R Benz told C21 the idea of the series is to examine how the world has dealt with these events in the past and the potential positives that have emerged from them.

Titled Fear & Hope, the show is in response to audiences’ need for optimism and a desire for positive, inspirational programming, according to Benz.

“There has been an uptick in people wanting positive types of programming and those that are inspiring. We’re developing one called Fear & Hope right now, which I’m working on with a well-known history professor,” Benz said.

“Looking through the ages, how did we deal with plagues and pandemics and things like that? And what did those things give birth to, such as after the Renaissance and after the Black Death? There actually can be some positive things that come out of these horrific situations.

“It’s interesting to see that there is a little bit of an evolution toward some more positive shows. So often in unscripted or reality it’s about high drama – people have teed up so many personalities and put them into a house to help those situations boil over and create great drama and television.

“I don’t think those are a thing of the past at all, but I think people are looking at how to do bigger, broader and more positive programming that can help people escape some of the horrific news they’re having to deal with on a daily basis.”

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