GRB Highlights Slate of Unscripted Titles for MIPCOM

GRB Studios is counting among its new titles for MIPCOM Cinderella Bride, which follows wedding planner Sheri Steffans as she and her team give deserving couples their dream ceremony.

Another new title on offer is List(e)n, a documentary that sees ordinary people matched up with a partner who has opposing views on an important topic. The program focuses on culturally relevant issues such as birth control, gun policies and immigration. Highland: Thailand’s Marijuana Awakening, meanwhile, is set in Thailand, a country with a long and convoluted history surrounding marijuana. The docuseries explores the growing community of Thai people fighting a battle to legalize marijuana. GRB is also presenting the documentary The New Normal, following five students from Parkland High School, which is dealing with the aftermath of a mass shooting that saw 17 students lose their lives.

New seasons are available of Untold Stories of the E.R., a fast-paced medical series that dramatizes intense real-life stories of the emergency room, featuring the actual doctors who lived them. Murder mysteries are explored through in-depth interviews with witnesses and suspects in On the Case, which GRB Studios is showcasing. The roundtable interview series Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter features A-list stars and directors from the year’s most acclaimed films and television series, including Tom Hanks, Guillermo del Toro, Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Matt Damon.

Rounding out the slate is Whacked Out, a high-impact clip series of sports mishaps, crashes and bloopers from around the globe.

“We [will be] at MIPCOM speaking with independent producers and encourage them to drop by our stand to learn about what we can offer as a 30-plus-year leader in content production and distribution, selling to hundreds of broadcasters and streaming partners, with an excellent reputation,” said Sarah Coursey, GRB’s senior VP of international. “GRB is very much in acquisitions mode, and we are aggressively scouting for new programs, both scripted and unscripted.”

She added, “GRB is thrilled to be bringing such a solid, varied slate of gripping new programs, and new seasons of our most popular shows, to MIPCOM. This season’s slate represents our multifaceted catalog of several factual genres—everything from thoughtful docuseries covering murder investigation, gun violence and medical drama to wedding lifestyle, sports and celebrity-focused programming. Additionally, we are vigorously seeking to acquire new programs to continue building our portfolio—which already holds thousands of hours of programming. We look forward to seeing our long-time partners and forging new relationships in Cannes.”

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