GRB Entertainment has secured sales for its nature and wildlife titles in Europe, Africa and Canada.

Full Force Nature, a show that allows viewers to witness all types of extreme weather disasters, from tornadoes to avalanches, was picked up in Africa and Hungary. Grupa Wirtualna in Poland added Extreme Animal Obsessions to its roster, along with Croc Attack, Suburban Monsters, Nasty by Nature, Monster Bug Wars, When Animals Bite Back, When Fish Attack and When Nature Strikes.

The Wildlife Docs captures the real stories behind the heroic men and women who have dedicated their lives to saving and preserving endangered animals. The title was acquired by GameTV in Canada and My Channel in the U.K.

“GRB Entertainment is a master of nature and wildlife programming, with close to 100 hours of nature content in our catalog,” said Michael Lolato, the senior VP of international distribution at GRB Entertainment. “We are thrilled to bring these titles to our broadcast partners in Africa, Canada and Europe, where they are sure to be big hits.”


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