GRB Shares The New Normal

GRB Studios is in Cannes with a slate of top-rated scripted titles, as well as powerful factual and unscripted series.

Listen (pictured) asks one important question: Can people with opposing views learn from one another? The documentary brings together ordinary people who are forced to spend time with someone who has conflicting opinions on important topics.

Five Parkland High School students cope with the aftermath of the mass shooting that left 17 of their classmates dead in documentary The New Normal.

In Highland: Thailand’s Marijuana Awakening, a growing community of Thai people meet to promote marijuana legalization. The three-part documentary explores marijuana’s role in changing the country’s laws and policies.

Each episode of docu-series Cinderella Bride records wedding planner Sheri Steffans and her team as they design dream weddings for deserving couples.

On the Case explores murder mysteries with interviews and commentary from witnesses and suspects. Experts also explain how forensic evidence solved the cases.

The New Normal

Real-life events are portrayed in Untold Stories of the E.R. The format, currently in its 13th season, reveals the dramatic nature of medical practice.

Iconic weapons are recreated by expert craftsmen in Man At Arms, hosted by Danny Trejo. Modeled after the weaponry from video games, movies, and comics, each creation is put to the test for its real-world functionality.

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