GRB Studios Picks Up Rights to Family Pictures

GRB Studios has acquired the finished and format rights to Family Pictures, a series originally made by Chimpanzee Productions for PBS.

Created and hosted by filmmaker and photographer Thomas Allen Harris, Family Pictures USA explores American cities, towns and rural communities through the lens of the family photo album. Images of everyday milestones lend themselves to examining the roots, connections and parallels that can shed light on our collective past and shared future. Each episode of Family Pictures USA begins at a community photo-sharing event, where Harris uses the images as a starting point to engage participants in conversation.

Sarah Coursey, senior VP of international at GRB Studios, said: “GRB Studios is excited to take hold of Family Pictures, which is a great show and format concept. We are extremely pleased to partner with Chimpanzee Productions, which has created a very special show that lends itself to worldwide localization. The U.S. show is also very inspirational and we are distributing that series as well. This acquisition is one of GRB’s many new shows planned for the year.”


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