GRB Studios Sends Untold Stories of the E.R. Around the World

GRB Studios has signed a deal with Discovery to send its long-running series Untold Stories of the E.R. to Italy, Spain and Latin America.

The GRB Studios-produced docuseries has been broadcast in over 125 countries, earning top ratings globally. The series is currently airing its 13th season in the U.S. on TLC, and 162 episodes and specials have been produced over 15 years.

Untold Stories of the E.R. is a fast-paced medical series that dramatizes intense real-life stories of the emergency room, featuring the actual doctors who lived them. From the shocking to the mysterious to the zany, these true stories give viewers an intimate experience of life in the eye of the storm, where split-second decisions literally mean life or death. The show’s medical heroes bring a combination of extraordinary skill and coolness under fire that not only saves lives, but makes them fascinating characters to follow, episode after episode.

“Many docudramas don’t even make it to the second season, let alone the thirteenth, and Untold Stories of the E.R.’s success is a testament to the appetite of global audiences for raw, real and unexpected true stories of regular people who find themselves in the most irregular of situations,” said Sarah Coursey, GRB Studios’ senior VP of international. “We have an excellent symbiotic relationship with Discovery for Untold, and are pleased to continue the franchise’s success on local nets in Italy, Spain and Latin America.”

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